How CDPs Add Personalization to Customer Experience

Equipping agents to deliver empathy

How CDPs Add Personalization to Customer Experience

Can companies use contact centers as more than simply service and support organizations? The answer is clearly yes, as many companies are already demonstrating that contact centers can become powerful engines that drive growth in customer lifetime value.

The trick is to pair the right technology with a good engagement strategy, all focused on knowing customers better and improving customer experience.

This brief 9-minute webinar by Sheila McGee-Smith, the founder and principal analyst at McGee-Smith Analytics, discusses how customer data platforms (CDPs) enable customer service agents to deliver personalized customer experiences with empathy, empowering companies to take control of the customer experience.

This on-demand webinar includes:

  • Bridging the customer experience and the agent experience
  • Taking control of the customer experience
  • Making personalized and positive customer journeys