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Personalizing the Customer Experience Using Behavior-Based Data

How Subaru keeps scoring big on sales and brand value year after year


With a lineup of only seven car models, Subaru may not be the biggest automaker, but brand-wise? It’s one of the best.

By using customer data to understand their current customers’ needs and to capture the attention of vehicle-buying consumers, Subaru is not only well-received by new car buyers, the brand also has a loyal following of customers that keep coming back when they are ready for their next vehicle.

This case study will give you insights on Subaru’s ability to provide a personalized customer experience using an enterprise customer data platform (CDP).

Included in this case study:

  • Using a Customer Data Platform to integrate 1st and 3rd party data promptly 
  • Accurate customer buying journey
  • The road forward with customer data
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