TransUnion 2023 State of Omnichannel Fraud Report

Trends and strategies for enabling trusted commerce

TransUnion 2023 State of Omnichannel Fraud Report

Nearly two-thirds of consumers indicated they frequently used call centers to manage account information in 2022.

While TransUnion documented the vast majority (85%) of calls received by its US financial services call center customers were from mobile phones in 2022, less than 2% of those calls were identified as being high risk for fraud, and just 14% of all high-risk calls were made from a mobile phone last year.

In fact, 62% of high-risk phone calls into US call centers were from non-fixed VoIP phone lines in 2022.

TransUnion’s State of Omnichannel Fraud Report 2023 reviews omnichannel fraud risk, including risk to the contact centers, and offers recommendations for implementing smarter, more effective fraud prevention strategies that build consumer trust by distinguishing safe from risky interactions in contact center customer experiences.