Finding Success in Virtual Training

Best Practices for Converting Your Training

Finding Success in Virtual Training

The COVID-19 pandemic has pushed talent development (TD) professionals into the world of virtual training—and for some of you, perhaps it’s happened quicker than you expected.

With employees experiencing Zoom fatigue and other distractions while working from home, it is critical that TD professionals rethink how to deliver training.

This e-book offers guidelines and solutions on how to create and facilitate virtual training, move training from an instructor-led in-person event to a virtual classroom setting, optimize the experience and empathize with learners, and use software tools to make your training event a success.

Included in this e-book:

  • What you need to get started with virtual training
  • Optimizing the experience and empathizing with learners
  • Best practices for converting your training and tools to help you

This whitepaper is sponsored by Association for Talent Development.

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This e-book is sponsored by Association for Talent Development.