10 Critical Factors for Selecting a Future-Proof CMS

Which emerging technologies are game changers and what newcomers are just a flash in the pan

10 Critical Factors for Selecting a Future-Proof CMS

As digital marketing technologies have evolved, so too has the role of the CMS. For the last decade, leading platforms have raced to expand their offerings, adding feature after feature to leap ahead or just stay in parity.

Today, marketers are looking to blend newer, best-of-breed technologies with their web strategy—challenging CMSs to integrate seamlessly and focus on doing what it does best: managing content.

This e-book explains key considerations you should have in mind when choosing a CMS platform that can fit the current and future needs of your organization to further achieve success.

Included in this e-book:

  • How the CMS is impacted by the unprecedented sprawl of the MarTech universe
  • Hosting considerations for Cloud First and Hybrid environments
  • The Best-of-Breed CMS features you’ll need now and in the future
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