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7 Critical Factors in Web Content Management System Selection

What to address in choosing the right CMS platform

7 Critical Factors in Web CMS Selection

Your website is your most visible and valuable marketing asset.

The decision as to which content management system (CMS Platform) to use when building your site can have a long-term impact on the success of your organization. Finding a solution that can be tailored to support the needs of your business is more important than ever.

Also, the vendor of that technology is an essential part of your decision. Do they see the needs of your market the way you do? Or are they focused on features you don’t really need?

This white paper offers an overview of criteria to help you make the right CMS decision.

Inside this white paper:

  • Native functionality vs. third-party plugins
  • SaaS or premise-based CMS platforms
  • Developer and custom application support
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