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Digital Experience Platforms (DXP) Market Guide

Everything you need to know about the DXP marketplace

Digital Experience Platforms (DXP) Market Guide

The digital experience platform (DXP) remains the go-to technology for delivering high quality customer experiences.

While current economic uncertainty may pressure executives to pull back on infrastructure investments, forward-looking leaders are making their organizations more adaptable to future events. A DXP is often at the center of these efforts.

This market guide examines the current state of the industry for a detailed look at leading vendors that are pushing the limits of what a DXP can do.

This market guide contains:

  • The core attributes of a DXP and brief history of their functionality, evolution and use
  • Attribute and vendor capabilities in a DXP that you should look for when evaluating a purchase
  • Detailed directory and evaluation of ten leading DXP vendors

This guide is produced by CMSWire, and sponsored by Cylogy.

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This premium resource is produced by CMSWire.