The State of the CMO

Insights from the 2023 Annual Chief Marketing Officer Survey

The State of the CMO

Chief marketing officers play a critical role in organizational success, as they craft the perfect, targeted messages that travel inside and outside the organization. Insights into how the role of the CMO is evolving are vital for any current or aspiring marketing leader who wants to understand their job and how they can excel in it.

To explore trends specific to the CMO role, we conducted a survey of more than 700 current marketing leaders and nearly 300 aspiring marketing leaders across a broad sample of industries and company sizes. Their answers culminated in our inaugural State of the CMO report.

Read on to learn:

  • Insights from current CMOs on how their role is changing
  • What skills marketing leaders are looking to improve to best adapt to changing trends
  • What marketing leaders are looking to do with their careers