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2020 Customer Data Platforms Guide

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CDP Buyer's Guide

In order to understand customer needs and behaviors and to engage with them where and when they want to be, businesses of all sizes need to be able to centrally manage customer data from every touchpoint.

Since much of that customer data is currently siloed and not actionable, finding the right data management solution is critical to business success.

With the CDP market still in an emergent state, there can be significant overlap and substantial differences between platforms currently categorized as “CDPs.”

In this Premium Resource from CMSWire, you'll discover:

  • The core attributes of a CDP, including what a CDP is and what it is not
  • Attribute and vendor capabilities in a CDP that you should look for
  • A comprehensive overview of the CDP market, including insights into 60+ CDP vendors

This guide is produced by CMSWire, and sponsored by Tealium and Acquia.

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This Buyer's Guide is produced by CMSWire.