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Customer Data Platforms (CDP)

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CDP Buyer's Guide

Customers now interact with your brand in countless ways, long before and after they are engaged in the buying process. All these touchpoints produce tons of data that needs to be made sense of and made actionable--which is where a Customer Data Platform can help.

However, with all of the available Customer Data Platforms (CDP's) on the market, how do you know how to truly define your needs and which vendors to evaluate?

In this Premium Resource from CMSWire, you'll discover:

  • The core attributes of a CDP, including what a CDP is and what it is not
  • Attribute and vendor capabilities in a CDP that you should look for
  • A comprehensive overview of the CDP market, including insights into 60+ CDP vendors

This guide is produced by CMSWire.

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This Buyer's Guide is produced by CMSWire.