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Personalization: What it Looks like When the Company Understands You

Using intelligence and best practices to cultivate loyalty

eBook: Using personalization to cultivate loyal customers

It’s the mantra of many marketers: deliver the right message to the right audience at the right time. New tools and technologies have emerged to help marketing teams achieve this goal.

This eBook shares insights from CMSWire's 2021 State of Digital Customer Experience Survey and offers a unique view into how the most successful teams are utilizing personalization practices.

Contained inside:

  • A discusion of how the modern buyer's jouney has changed
  • How AI and machine learning are successfully empowering marketers
  • A broader perspective on personalization: how it is a cross department reality

This guide is produced by SMG/CMSWire and sponsored by Adobe.

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This premium ebook is produced by SMG/CMSWire.