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How to Build a Digital Workplace That Actually Works

How to work better remotely

How to Build a Digital Workplace That Actually Works

A focus on the digital workplace has been the foundation for digital transformation in most organizations for quite some time. However, up until recent months, jobs that many once thought were not possible to be done remotely now are--and it is not just working, it's working well.

While many understand that decentralizing operations can often reduce risk, what we are learning is that human adaptability is truly the key to a successful decentralized workplace.

In this on-demand webinar, you will learn why the digital workplace works and how to work remotely better than when you are in a physical office.

Included in this on-demand webinar:

  • Open-plan offices - the theory is better than practice
  • Why companies are moving towards a digital workplace
  • How to use AI to help employees search
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