The Espresso Guide to Enterprise Search

Wake Up to the Value of Enterprise Search

The Espresso Guide to Enterprise Search

First, the search industry owes you an apology.

The marketers in the enterprise search industry forgot to explain why companies need enterprise search and how it helps their business. 

You hear about insight engines, cognitive search, and AI-powered search - even ambient search. Then there’s Intelligent search too. If that wasn’t enough, some vendors invented “experience intelligence.” Even this wasn’t enough hype for some, so they backed up two huge abstractions and talk about “AI-powered digital transformation.”

This Espresso Guide will explain simply and concisely why you need enterprise search, what benefits it provides, and how to achieve them.

This guide will show you how to:

  • Asses whether you have an enterprise search problem
  • Decide when you need to build a search-based app
  • See what's next in enterprise search
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