Forrester: Your Intranet
Needs a Reboot

Rethink your mission, purpose, and underlying technologies
for better employee experiences

Forrester: Your Intranet Needs a Reboot

Is your intranet dead? Per Forrester, when it comes to intranets: employees are frustrated, silos and content dumping grounds are prevalent, and technical debt is rampant.

If any of this sounds familiar - it’s time to rethink your intranet. Today’s digital workplaces need modern intranets that are purpose-built for internal communications and address the challenges of employee engagement.

Read this report to understand today's intranet challenges and how to evolve your intranet to meet today’s demands.

Included in this report:

  • The 7 core capabilities of a modern intranet
  • How to approach six key areas of an intranet reboot
  • Three core considerations for intranet program leaders
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