Gartner: Traditional Intranets Are Dead — Modern Intranets Are Alive and Well

Migrate from outdated technologies to a modern foundation

Gartner: Traditional Intranets are Dead - Modern Intranets are Alive and Well

According to Gartner, “as many as 90% of intranets fail to achieve their goals”. If your intranet is in disuse, it’s high time you evolved it into a modern one.

Per report, "Fortunately, intranets have evolved well beyond the simple basic content management and rigid delivery models of old. The modern intranet provides the ability to integrate and aggregate the content, applications and tools needed in a digital workplace."

This report focuses on the technologies and content processes necessary to address a stale, outdated intranet and help maximize the benefit of your workplace.

Some of the topics included in this report:

  • Comprehensive checklist of essential components of a modern intranet
  • New digital workplace strategies that drive meaningful employee experiences
  • How changes in the workplace are requiring organizations to rethink their intranet strategies

Gartner Traditional Intranets Are Dead — Modern Intranets Are Alive and Well: Part 1, 29 November 2019, Gene Phifer

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