8 Challenges of Sales and Marketing Alignment

Overcome these challenges to delight your buyer from first touch to close

8 Challenges of Sales and Marketing Alignment

As blatantly obvious as it sounds, Sales and Marketing alignment is beyond critical for any organization.

Marketing may feel like sales is not correctly utilizing the content they are creating, and sales may feel like marketing isn’t creating the right kind of materials. Often times the technologies each department utilize – CRMs for sales and MAPs for marketing – don’t offer enough vital insights into every interaction.

The means by which each department attempts to reach their goals differ, but in reality their efforts can be aligned to improve results and boost productivity.

This guide looks at marketing and sales challenges that show that the solutions for a problem in one team often solve a problem on the other side of the aisle.

Included in this report:

  • How to look critically at sales’ content usage
  • Solutions to constantly filling one-off requests
  • Methods to track the effectiveness of content sent to buyers
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