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Solutions for Building More Trusted and Valued Customer Relationships

Mastering the new customer data landscape

Solutions for Building More Trusted and Valued Customer Relationships

To drive more revenue through digital programs, the methods that businesses use to build relationships with their customers are changing, from inferred and probabilistic to permission-based and deterministic, and that’s a good thing for brands and consumers alike. While this paradigm shift is unveiling some significant new challenges for organizations, it also offers new opportunities to optimize customer experience, which is fast becoming the new benchmark of differentiation and success in a rapidly evolving digital marketplace.

The rules of engagement are changing for the digital-first enterprise due to increasing suspicion among consumers about how and why companies use their personal information, along with stringent new regulations – such as the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) – established to govern how businesses may (or may not) collect, process, and use customers’ personal data and to give consumers more control in general.

This solution brief explains how businesses can provide convenient, relevant, and secure experiences to their customers and what the key objectives of today's digital global enterprises should focus on.

Included in this solution brief:

  • Reimagining the Digital Customer Journey
  • Identifying, engaging and protecting your customers
  • Fueling customer relationships for the enterprise

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This solution brief is sponsored by SAP.