Addressing GDPR Requirements for Customer Data Management

Data protection and privacy best practices

Addressing GDPR Requirements for Customer Data Management

You may have noticed that the topics of data protection and privacy and IT security are no longer limited to the back office. As corporate strategy becomes increasingly reliant on digital technologies, consumer data has become the chief currency of business in a marketplace where customer experience is edging out price and even product quality as the prime differentiator for brands.

But many consumers harbor a growing wariness about how and why businesses are using their personal information. Governments, regulators, voters and consumer advocates across the globe are demanding an overhaul of consumer protection laws, resulting in a wave of data protection and privacy legislation that is changing the game for the digital enterprise.

This guide explains how to address GDPR requirements and how to meet regulatory requirements for collecting and managing customers’ personal data.

Included in this guide:

  • Privacy by Design
  • Understanding GDPR compliance
  • Regional data protection and privacy laws

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This guide is sponsored by SAP.