The Continuity Commerce Playbook

Direct-to-Consumer Best Practices in a Post-COVID-19 World

The Continuity Commerce Playbook

In a rapidly changing economy, businesses are looking to adapt to new customer needs and market requirements while finding a way forward in an uncertain future.

Especially now, consumers are now turning to digital channels to buy everything from household staples and groceries to personal grooming and beauty supplies. This trend is uncovering new opportunities for e-commerce businesses to redefine online shopping for a new generation of digital customers.

One exciting new business model growing in popularity is continuity commerce – a reimagining of subscription selling that can be a lifeline to persistent revenue for the business as well as a way to boost customer engagement and loyalty in a crowded marketplace.

Included in this ebook:

  • When to consider continuity commerce
  • What customers are looking for in continuity programs
  • Secrets of success

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