Comprehensive Evaluation: Enterprise Portals

An excerpt on evaluating enterprise knowledge portal

Portals and Content Integration

Looking for a well-designed but cost-effective dynamic information access?

Enterprise Portals became an inseparable part of everyday activity for most of the companies today. They are not just a major tool for delivering important information to customers, partners and employees, but also an efficient way of leveraging the value of corporate knowledge.

This excerpt provides in-depth detailed evaluations about the strengths and weaknesses, charts and real-life scenarios of 8 Portals and Content Integrations options.

Included in this excerpt:

  • Learn the real weaknesses of the leading tools
  • Avoid common pitfalls & negotiate a good price
  • Become your team's expert on all major Portal & Mashup vendors
  • Download the reviews in minutes -- get the right shortlist in hours

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