The ECM and Cloud File Sharing Evaluation Report

An excerpt of comprehensive product evaluations featuring Alfresco’s ECM Platform

ECM & Cloud File SharingDo you have the best ECM and Cloud File Sharing options?

File collaboration tools are constantly evolving and the cloud file sharing (CFS) offer a new way for a knowledge worker to securely swap documents. For many organizations, they offer robust alternative to traditional enterprise content management (ECM) as well.

This excerpt provides in-depth evaluations about the strengths and weaknesses, charts and real-life scenarios of 17 ECM & Cloud File Sharing options.

Included in this 33-page excerpt:

  • Get objective evaluations of 17 ECM & Cloud File Sharing products
  • See head-to-head reviews of EMC, IBM, Microsoft, Oracle, & others
  • Learn about regional and open source vendors from around the world
  • Avoid common pitfalls & negotiate a good price

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