How to Reopen, Rethink, and Reinvent

Your playbook for what happens next

WorkDifferent Playbook

The pandemic and resulting economic downturn has forced people to change how they live, work, and play. While some of these shifts are temporary – for instance, people won’t remain socially distanced forever – things won’t immediately snap back to the way that they were.

The world faces a choppy, difficult transition period as individuals and organizations attempt to find some new normal that balances people’s changing needs, desires, and concerns. And while there’s no pre-set blueprint for this environment, one thing is certain; everyone needs to work differently.

This comprehensive playbook for experience management (XM) professionals presents a 4-stage framework and practical examples from leaders at top organizations. With this playbook, you will feel equipped to work differently.

In this e-book you’ll learn:

  • The 4 stages for working differently
  • Tips from our XM experts on how to help your people, customers, and brand at every stage and suggested questions you should ask to improve your XM program
  • Practical guidance from leaders at Peloton, Zoom, Ford Motor Company, Cleveland Clinic, Zillow, and Mastercard
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