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Personalization 2.0

Insights from Forrester Research

Personalization 2.0

What is the business impact of highly personalized experiences?

New technologies are shifting the way companies engage their customers and prospects. Personalization is one of those technologies—what started out as a basic marketing tool has quickly become a marketing must-have. Now, we’re living in the time of Personalization 2.0—an age of hyper personalized customer experiences.

In this webinar, join guest Brendan Witcher of Forrester Research as he discusses how companies can craft more personalized experiences and the benefits of personalization and Chris Doran from Progress as he addresses Sitefinity’s experience management capabilities and how they can be used to create highly personalized experiences.

Included in this on-demand webinar:

  • Why understanding your customers is important
  • How personalization has changed
  • What to do with the data your customers are providing at every touchpoint
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