5 Things Every Modern CMS Should Deliver

The new age of the content management system

5 Things Every Modern CMS Should Deliver

The days of waiting months or even years to launch a new web experience are long gone. And the waterfall approach of creating lengthy requirements documents, wireframes, and complex project plans is now considered pre-digital, dated, and plain old unnecessary.

Enterprise content management systems have entered a new era, and it’s one defined by realtime publishing, natural integrations, out-of-the-box components, and ultra-flexible front-end delivery options. But many companies are still stuck on outdated legacy systems, missing out on the more scalable, modular foundation of a next-gen content management system (CMS). As a result they’re often working across multiple disparate systems and are unable to deliver experiences quickly and easily.

This e-book explains the evolution of the CMS platform -- from static web pages to experience-driven systems to the current generation of digital platforms and their new age benefits.

Included in this e-book:

  • Evolution of the content management system
  • The differences between legacy and modern CMS
  • 5 things every modern CMS should deliver
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