The Zappos Case, Unconscionability and Website Legal

Managing the modification of website legal agreements

The Zappos CaseUnconscionability is a topic in website legal agreements that comes up when there are legal disputes. The way some legal contracts are drafted can create problems regardless of how you’re tracking them on the back-end. Many times, companies put a lot of effort into minimizing their risk in their need to notify customers when they update legal terms, but this practice has caused issue in court because of a simple question: How does your company manage the modification of website legal agreements?

This e-book includes all sorts of information outlining one very high visibility case against Zappos, who faced an adverse decision because of the way they presented and updated the terms on the website.

Included in this e-book:

  • The ramifications of modifying a contract
  • The concept of unconscionability
  • Best practices for avoiding procedural unconscionability

This e-book is sponsored by PactSafe.

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