The Definitive Guide To Website Legal Agreements for Tech Lawyers

Best practices for managing and tracking website legal agreements

The Definitive Guide to Tech Lawyers

An agreement that is presented and (hopefully) accepted on the Internet is still subject to the fundamental principles of contract law . There still needs to 1 be a meeting of the minds with respect to terms, and there still needs to be a manifestation of mutual assent to be bound by those terms. The Internet has been around long enough that the courts have provided some good guidance on how website legal agreements can comply with these fundamentals - but there is no bright line or safe harbor.

How your company implements and manages the website legal agreements you prepare can make or break the enforceability of even the best drafted agreements.

Included in this e-book:

  • Best practices for legal agreements
  • Wrinkles in the enforceability of clickwraps
  • How to simplify your legal workflows

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