Managing Your Website Legal Agreements

What you need to know about Clickwraps & Browsewraps

Clickwraps and Browsewraps

As an attorney, you draft legal agreements all the time. You discuss the agreements with your clients, draft the agreements, and make sure that your clients understand that the agreement needs to be signed in order to be enforceable. That last part is usually taken for granted since most people understand that a contract needs to be signed to be enforceable. Most people will also keep an original or copy of a fully executed contract in their records for future reference.

But what about website specific legal agreements? You draft them for your clients - but what happens after that? How your company implements and manages the website legal agreements you prepare can make or break the enforceability of even the best drafted agreements. 

Included in this e-book:

  • Best practices for enforceable clickwrap agreements
  • Enforceability of website clickwrap agreements
  • Best practices for modifying website legal agreements

This e-book is sponsored by PactSafe.

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