The Quest for Delivering Meaningful Digital Experiences

Survey results shine light on internal factors impacting external digital experience success

Delivering DX

Companies are pouring an increasing amount of resources into technologies and processes meant to improve the digital experiences of their customers. And while the battle for competitive differentiation will be won by those who provide those relevant, meaningful experiences, there’s another side of the digital experience that’s equally valuable – the one you provide to your employees, partners and others in your business ecosystem.

One key component of most successful digital businesses is the ability to get a strong handle on how to engage all stakeholders across a variety of channels in the most seamless manner. In an effort to better understand how businesses are driving social collaboration around content, delivering multi-channel digital experiences and using self-service to further engage with their customers, employees and other constituents, CMSWire conducted a survey of our audience. The results of that survey are reviewed in this white paper

Included in this white paper:

  • Ways today's communication is fragmented
  • Reasons why business units are getting impatient
  • Why self-service is the key

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