10 Steps to Planning a Successful Webinar

Audience engagement strategies and best practices

10 Steps to Planning a Successful Webinar

Successful webinars call for an eight-week planning cycle.

Whether you are delivering thought leadership, launching a new product or conducting a live demo to bottom-of-the-funnel prospects, the process of planning a webinar is the same.

This process starts with an action plan, detailing your goals and defining the project. There are a lot of moving pieces, so you want to start planning a webinar early. A solid action plan outlines who does what, so nothing gets overlooked.

This guide outlines 10 key steps that help with planning and running a webinar that provides value to your audience.

Highlights of this guide:

  • Action plan for setting up a webinar
  • Marketing deliverables for driving registration and attendance
  • Key tasks for infrastructure setup
  • “Must haves” for the day you’re running a webinar
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