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Reducing Image Hide & Seek with Artificial Intelligence

We've only just begun to scratch the surface of what AI can do

Reducing Image Hide and Seek with Artificial Intelligence

Most marketers and designers spend a lot of time (too much, in fact) searching for images, videos, design files, and more.

Research by Nuxeo has shown that on average people spend just under an hour every working day just looking for content assets associated with their job. Both the time wasted looking for assets and the time and materials invested in recreating assets can add up and have a considerable impact on an enterprise’s operating costs. 

In this white paper, you will get a valuable introduction into the world of AI, Machine Learning, and DAM, while learning how Artificial Intelligence can be used to identify image attributes. 

Reading this white paper you will:

  • Gain an understanding of AI and ML
  • Learn about the current perception of what AI can do vs reality
  • See how AI can be used to assist with and work alongside human specialist input
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