From Legacy to Leverage - Modernising Information Management Systems

Why does information management need modernising?


76% of organisations cannot find the right information in a timely manner.

The reality is that the modernisation of the information management stack within an organisation is a project that is often desperately needed but never at the top of the priority list. If the upgrade of a legacy system or even a full migration to an alternative solution was easy, then it would have been done already.

This e-book will give you insights about how a Content Services Platform (CSP) like Nuxeo, can bring new ideas and a new approach to managing legacy applications. Instead of instantly ripping and replacing old systems with a new one, it advocates taking two steps to:

  • Remove information silos
  • Leverage existing investments
  • Streamline processes and information access
  • Migrate information strategically
  • Retire outdated & duplicative systems
  • Achieve rapid return on investment (ROI) & reduce total cost of ownership (TCO)

This e-book is sponsored by Nuxeo.

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This e-book is sponsored by Nuxeo.