The 5 Must-haves of Attended Automation

Discovering the true value of the partnership between employees and robotic desktop automation

The 5 Must-haves of Attended Automation

This white paper highlights the benefits of Robotic Process Automation (RPA), also known as unattended automation, which is widely used in various sectors globally for automating repetitive and routine tasks to streamline and optimize business processes.

The next step is Attended RPA, also known as attended automation, which brings automation to front-office interactions.

Attended automation bots assist agents in real-time and help them meet compliance requirements, reduce training time, and improve customer experience.

Included in this White Paper:

  • Statistics indicating that RPA produces faster processing time, greater efficiency, and 100% accuracy, resulting in savings in labor, HR, training, and infrastructure
  • How attended automation can be a game changer