Strengthening Digital With Voice

Effortlessly Resolve Customer Needs at Pace and Scale With the Power of AI

Strengthening Digital With Voice

A company’s ability to handle customer requests via voice is critical in orchestrating seamless customer experiences. Today, voice channels are infused with AI to meet the consumers’ demand for effortless resolution.

Enlighten XO harnesses conversational data to recognize customer intent and sentiment to optimize the customer journey flow.

With its abilities to listen to the true voice of the customer and uncover automation opportunities, Enlighten XO empowers customers to solve their problems through self-service first but also equips agents with sophisticated AI tools to resolve the most complex issues with a human touch.

Included in this e-Book:

  • How chatbots increase customer frustration due to their limitations
  • Driving a new era of self-service and seamless CX
  • AI's opportunities to solve customer challenges at pace and scale