Lessons from the Intersection of Brand and Customer Experience

Understanding the dynamics between brand and customer experience to help drive growth

Understanding the Dynamics between Brand and Customer Experience to Help Drive Growth.

Customers today depend less on brand marketing and advertising to inform their purchase decisions and more on other customers, online reviews, and apps designed to compare terms and pricing.

Marketers in many industries are puzzling over how they can get the biggest bang for their marketing buck. Should they continue to focus heavily on brand strategy, positioning, and advertising, or redirect resources to defining, tracking, and providing a superior customer experience?

This report looks at the interplay between brand and customer experience and examines whether differences in customer experience influence revenue growth.

Included in this report:

  • How great customer experience increases sales for stores and brands
  • The effect of what bad customer experience does to store and brand sales
  • Lessons from the intersection of brand and customer experience
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