The Complete Guide to Choosing a Web Content Management System

Lay the right foundation for your digital customer experiences

Guide to Choosing a Web CMS

Today, the business need for marketing technology is well defined. Connecting with time deprived, information overloaded consumers is a challenge for every industry. For marketers whose own organizations are being disrupted by new digital native competitors, there is no place for complacency.

Through the marketing practices of personalization, multichannel delivery, content marketing and social engagement, the ‘nice-to-have’ sophisticated features of these systems have moved up the MoSCoW scale from Could to Must.

This guide aims to provide some tips on selecting the right CMS and maintaining the momentum in building an efficient content machine.

Included in this guide:

  • Breaking the web CMS replacement cycle
  • Selecting a web CMS for the long run
  • Seeing beyond the web CMS hype
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