State of the Headless CMS Market 2018

Utilize the SaaS CMS model to increase agility and eliminate maintenance costs

State of the Headless CMS Market 2018

For many years, companies have been using traditional web-oriented Content Management Systems. But the world has changed. Customers want to communicate with brands through new channels and devices—mobile apps, chatbots, digital assistants, augmented or virtual reality, and others.

As the traditional web-oriented CMS become too limiting in the multichannel world, organizations start to look for a better way to tell their stories and create engaging digital experiences. That’s why we witnessed the rise of the headless CMS concept in the past couple of years.

This report analyzes the headless CMS market, surveying 986 technical and business people from 85 countries and shares key insights on organizations adopting headless CMSs, their thoughts on the technology and how they use it.

Inside the report:

  • Conclusions and predictions of the headless CMS market
  • The main motivations for headless CMS
  • Where do organizations host their websites or applications at?
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