The Future of Intranets and Enterprise Social Networks

Why businesses need an interactive intranet

Future of Intranets

Corporate intranets are a lot like cities. Unfortunately, many of today’s traditional intranets resemble ghost towns. They suffer from deserted, disconnected resources, one-way communication and little, if any, collaboration. And while some companies have embraced the idea of bringing lots of people together with an enterprise social network (ESN), they’re experiencing the chaotic and unmanageable collaboration that ESNs unleash.

Over the past three years, companies across virtually every industry have brought the best of these two technologies together to create a new, interactive intranet, one that empowers workforces to better connect, communicate and collaborate to deliver real business value.

Included in this e-book:

  • What needs to be connected via the intranet
  • The types of communications that need to take place
  • Which collaboration tools to integrate into the intranet

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