Aberdeen Report: Use Product Info Management to Drive Business Performance

More data, more channels, fewer problems

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Inside and outside the corporate firewall, there has never been a greater demand for product data. Customers are clamoring for more channels to access and digest information through, employees need to share data across departments, and software applications must connect to data sources internally, in the Cloud and from business partners.

After all the work organizations with Product Info Management (PIM) systems have done in connecting to customer channels, applications, and data sources, it is nice to report that all the effort was well worth it. Aberdeen's Omni-Channel Retailing study revealed a number of business metrics where users of PIM vastly outperformed their competitors, the most important being the cost associated with product quality.

Key takeaways of the white paper:

  • Identify what business processes will be affected through PIM
  • How to deploy PIM systems at the right pace
  • Benefits of collaboration and reporting tools

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