Are You Creeping Out Your Customers?

This research says brands' personalization efforts are getting a little too personal

Are You Creeping Out Your Customers?

When does personalization become too personal? Research shows your current efforts could be creeping out your customers.

InMoment surveyed 2,000 consumers and 1,000 brands in the United States to find out where both groups aligned or disconnected on various customer experience (CX) topics. One topic that stood out was personalization, and their research found that brands' attempts to create personalized customer experiences weren't quite having the effect they imagined.

This infographic explains the ideas of approaching your audience in a less invasive manner that attracts customers rather than scaring them away.

Included in this infographic:

  • Personalization horror stories
  • How do customers react to brand creepiness?
  • How brands can avoid the "creepy" factor

This report is sponsored by InMoment.

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This infographic is sponsored by InMoment.