Solution Guide for Technical Content Publishing

Amplifying the customer experience through technical content


It used to be that technical content, such as knowledge base articles, training, documentation, and other publications, were only used for customer support, field service, and other “last mile” use cases.

Times have changed.

Technical content is emerging as a cornerstone of customer experience, from customer self-service to sales enablement; providing a wealth of information that enables customers to resolve their own issues and business people to support customers more quickly.

However, most technical content is not built or managed in a way that enables you to publish it in digital experience formats.

This guide shows how an agile content solution allows publishing technical content across different channels and how it can be used to support customer needs.

Included in this guide:

  • The organizational impact of unified marketing and technical content management
  • Key features for intelligent technical content publishing
  • System integration capabilities for a seamless experience
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