The 2018 Web CMS Buyers Guide

Getting it right -- success factors, budgeting and the latest procurement strategies

Selecting the Right Web CMS

The Web Content Management system (Web CMS) is the backbone for your digital experiences, according to Forrester analyst Ted Schadler.

Hastily-selected Web CMS platforms can create plenty of adventure and excitement for you and your team -- not the good kind.

The Web CMS selection process requires balancing software features, viability and support model of the vendor, total cost of ownership, capabilities in your company and your business strategy and growth expectations. It’s one of the most critical business decisions your organization can make, yet many organizations lack an effective Web CMS evaluation process.

This 2018 guide is a framework to help organizations evaluate and purchase a new Web Content Management system.

Inside this guide:

  • How to buy a Web CMS
  • Web CMS use cases
  • Understanding Web CMS deployment
  • Web CMS implementation
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