Knowledge Management in Today's Digital Workplace

The mission critical tool your team has been missing

A Guide to Knowledge Management in Today's Digital Workplace

We live in the information age and there are no signs of slowing. In fact, by next year, we're projected to have 30 times more digital information and 60 times more files. Dizzying.

But it's not just data, records, and documents that need to be organized for a company's success. People-generated content is mission critical for an organization that wants to not only succeed but thrive. How can companies gather and organize employee feedback, experience, and ideas? Is technology really the solution?

This easy-to-read guide helps you build a realistic roadmap for your digital workplace, provides strategies to measure your success and to demonstrate the ROI.

Included in this guide:

  • Solutions to common, pressing knowledge management problems
  • Steps to getting management buy-in for knowledge management
  • The best technology for organizing and sharing information
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