ECM and the Cloud: My Documents or Our Documents?

AIIM Research white paper on managing cloud content

AIIM ECM and the Cloud

Demand for flexible and secure collaborative workplaces that extend beyond enterprise walls is increasingly on the rise. Mobile workers, partners, and suppliers working together must have access to vital project centric documents. These same documents are and should always be considered corporate assets, and not the property of the individual. As such, they need to be managed in a manner that protects them, allows them to be shared, and maintains them throughout their lifecycles.

The combination of ECM and Cloud should make content access and collaboration both omnipresent and transparent to the user. So what are the issues that on-prem ECM users are facing? How is external collaboration support managed? What is the cloud and mobile functionality that users are requesting? What are the alternative scenarios? This report will take the reader on a journey that addresses some of these questions and offers some insights and recommendations on how to move forward.

Included in this white paper:

  • Content types and retention
  • The alignment between cloud-based ECM and on-premise systems
  • The importance of mobile and remote workers

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