Digital Experience Changes Everything (2016)

Firms must align technology and culture to serve customers

Digital Experience Changes Everything

Marketing and technology partners must collaborate as never before in order to delight and engage customers “in the moment.”

Previously stove-piped functions are starting to work together to take a holistic approach to create great digital experiences at enterprise scale, but organizations see the need for more work to create relevant, integrated digital customer experiences in real time. IBM commissioned Forrester Consulting to discover how developers and marketers are working together to provide customers exceptional digital experiences reliably, quickly and seamlessly.

This report explains the successes of integrated real-time content, improving customer engagement and providing powerful digital experiences in the age of the customer.

Included in this report:

  • Organizational trends in planning, implementing or upgrading digital experiences
  • The importance of marketing teams and IT collaborating on technology strategy
  • Managing content across channels with integrated processes and technologies
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