Headless CMS in the Enterprise

What to consider before kicking off a headless CMS project

Headless CMS in the Enterprise

Headless Content Management isn't new. Already a staple for boutique implementations for smaller companies and campaign sites, it continues to gain traction in enterprise projects too.

A headless CMS is true to its definition: it is a system primarily used for managing content. It's a CMS without delivery, focusing solely on the creation of content. 

This eBook covers the considerations you should take into account before you dive in so you have the right skills and technology in place, as well as what to pay attention to when it comes to the cost of ownership to ensure successful digital transformation in your organization.

Topics covered in this e-book:

  • Mapping out key functionalities required
  • What skills and technology are required
  • How to pay attention to TCO and budget for growth
  • Architecting for constant change.
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