E-commerce Integration with ERP and other Business Systems

Integration Considerations: Tips, Tricks & Gotchas

E-commerce Integration with ERP and other Business Systems (PIM and CRM)

The digital age has brought new transaction channels that are open 24/7 and because of this, the integration of e-commerce with business systems has become crucial for business success.

Understanding how to integrate an ERP system with a DXP solution can be a challenge. Deciding what is the right implementation strategy requires a lot of time and effort due to it being a long-term commitment as well as a strategic investment.

Learn how to select and connect your project to various business systems while understanding the wider, ERP, CRM, and PIM landscape. This e-book provides tips and best practices as well as highlight common use cases.

Topics covered in this e-book:

  • Benefits of integrating your existing systems and B2C & B2B e-commerce websites
  • A description of the wider, ERP, CRM and PIM landscape
  • Tips and best practices
  • Common integration pitfalls
  • Different integration approaches
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