The Road to Strategic Website Design

The Web Optimization Maturity Model

The Road to Strategic Website Design

Effective marketing in the digital age is no longer based on gut feel, accumulated experience, or the highest paid person’s opinion; it’s based on customer data. Many organizations have already taken the first steps to truly understanding what works best for their customers. They have realized the value of listening to customer data, leveraging inhouse or basic self-service testing tools to identify the website design changes most likely to improve lift, revenue, or engagement.

Yet unfulfilled promises of much higher, sustained return on investment from basic optimization have led these organizations to conclude that on its own this is not enough. They need a comprehensive optimization program that not only identifies the most valuable changes, but also delivers the necessary know-how, secures the essential budget, and provides the leverage to enable them to act effectively.

Included in this white paper:

  • Understanding testing types
  • Organizational approaches that elevate maturity
  • The importance of making strategic design decisions

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