Capturing the Moments That Matter

How digital leaders can power business growth by identifying the critical elements of every digital journey

Capturing the Moments That Matter

The digital customer experience (CX) you offer is a crucial source of competitive advantage, and can be the difference between growing a loyal customer base and losing out to your rivals.

But with each digital journey consisting of thousands of events, how do you know precisely which one led to a conversion or abandonment?

By capturing the moments that matter to your customers on mobile app and web, you can move toward rapid insights and improved CX—and better business performance.

In this e-Book, you’ll learn:

  • Why it’s essential to capture behavioral data across every session and every device
  • Why creating one single version of the digital truth leads to improved collaboration
  • How to move beyond existing analytics tools that tell you "what", to understand "why"

Plus, you’ll get tips on how to select the right technology to support your digital experience analytics efforts.

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