The State of Customer Service

What We Anticipate for 2022 and Beyond

The State of Customer Service

The COVID-19 global pandemic took people out of offices and stores, sending them home to an online world of uncertainty and high consumer expectations. For the customer support team, it’s a perfect storm.

Many agents wonder if AI will outright replace them — but that’s not the solution. The real answer is less ominous: leveraging the right AI tools to adapt to current and arising customer needs and support trends.

This guide will shed light on the continually evolving landscape of customer support, why that is, and how partnering with Forethought enhances different support channels to create a sustainable, strategic, empathic experience in 2021 and beyond.

Topics covered in this guide:

  • Leveraging Past Data to Inform the Future
  • People Are Willing to Find the Answers Themselves
  • Omnichannel Support Needs to Be Scaleable