Are You Keeping Up With the Demand for Content?

How to choose the right Content Management System for the job

A Business User’s Guide to Content as a Service

The multichannel customer journey is no longer optional. Today's user engages with brands across many platforms, channels, and devices.

Whether you think it's interesting or overwhelming that so much content is being created may depend on whether you have a reliable content management system that works for your organization. What is Content as a Service? Do you need a headless CMS or a traditional CMS? What exactly is a headless Content Management System?

This guide helps business users discover the differences between headless and traditional CMSes, and learn how a decoupled approach to content management can enable the best of both worlds.

Included in this guide:

  • How to select the right CMS approach
  • How to evaluate the business value of a decoupled CMS
  • Why a clear information architecture is critical for content creation and management
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